Christy Burch Occupational Therapy is a client-centered practice dedicated to helping people, especially children, who struggle as a result of sensory processing issues.  When an individual is unable to accurately interpret sensory input, he struggles to navigate his world on a functional everyday level.  Academic achievement also becomes very difficult.

The latest information from the SPD Foundation estimates that as many as 1 in 6 children have sensory processing issues that are significant enough to have a detrimental effect on their emotional, social, and academic growth.

Christy Burch Occupational Therapy creates individualized programs to address each client’s specific needs based on evaluation outcomes.  All sessions are conducted one-on-one, with only one OT and one client working in the room in order to eliminate distractions.  This approach combines intensity, duration, and frequency for maximum results.  Specialized treatment sessions combine traditional occupational therapy with sensory integration techniques to create fun, therapeutic activities that address each client’s sensory-motor needs.


Everyone has the potential and desire to succeed.  An individual’s ability to reach his/her full potential can be unlocked by addressing underlying sensory and motor coordination issues that are obstacles to success.

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